7 sustainable things to do in Gijón, Spain

7 sustainable things to do in Gijón, Spain

Surely you already know the most interesting places to visit in Gijón. The beach of San Lorenzo, the Universidad Laboral, the neighborhood of Cimadevilla. Very cool places that you will love, but do you know what are the most sustainable plans to do in Gijón?

Very few websites talk about this, so here you will find the best sustainable plans to enjoy in Gijón, have a great time and also be respectful of the society and the environment. Ah, it is worth saying that none of this means that they are boring plans.

Don’t think that for a second.

You are on a trip, so the most important thing is that you have a good time. The peculiarity of these plans is that they are less known. The opinions of all those who live these experiences are very positive, so I'm sure you will enjoy them too.

That's the point of doing something fun and sustainable. You have fun doing it, obviously, and it leaves you with the pleasure of helping people who also do it well, so the enjoyment is double.

Let's go there with these 7 sustainable plans in Gijón.

1. The sports beach

The favorite place of every visitor to Gijón is the beach of San Lorenzo. This great sandy area is a marvel, among the best urban beaches in Spain, at the level of La Concha in San Sebastian or Las Canteras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Several kilometers of sand that change according to the tide of the sea (in the north the tides are very noticeable, rising and falling several meters), where the people of Gijón come to play soccer (the Sporting de Gijón soccer team was created here at the beginning of the 20th century), walk their pets, take a bath in the light of dawn, and practice water sports.

Especially the latter. Surfing, paddle boarding, bodyboarding, swimming, all these sports are welcome on this beach that always has waves, although not so strong that they prevent novices from enjoying riding the waves. Few sports are more sustainable than surfing, so you can try it on your trip to Gijón.

2. Festival of Flavors at the South Market

Traditional markets always preserve the local essence of places, and the morning is the best time to visit them, with all the hustle and bustle. The best thing of these markets is that you can see and buy unique products and what’s most important, you can take its flavors.

That’s the magic of this market, located in the center of Gijón, where you will find the best Asturian products, such as sausages, cheeses, beans, vegetables, excellent quality meats… A real delight for the sense of tase.

The best thing about the market is that if you want to know more about a product, the shopkeeper will answer all your questions right away. Good food and gastronomic advice, all in one.

3. The natural variety of the Botanical Gardens

All children who visit Gijón love the Atlantic Botanical Gardens. Here you can visit all the natural ecosystems of the Atlantic, such as the oak forests, the English garden, the ornamental garden, and get to know a lot of plants of the area. It's like going to the Asturian mountains, without leaving the city. There is even a labyrinth.

The best days to visit this place is on special days, such as the solstices or when there is any cultural or music event. On those dates, the gardens become a beautiful space with mythological beings, music and lights. It’s a great way of experiencing nature.

4. Museums for everyone

Museums in Gijón are free. Every day. So you have no excuse. You need to visit some of them and learn more about the history of the city and admire the local art.

Of all of them, the oldest one is the Roman Baths of Gijón, one of the best-preserved baths outside Italy. Here you cand learn how the Romans spent their time. Cold water rooms, warm water, hot water, exercise area, and even some stairs to bathe at the sea. All very well thought, especially because it was 2,000 years ago.  These Romans really knew how to live.

As for art galleries, in the city center you will find the Barjola museum (look at its facade, eaten by the saltpeter of the sea), and the museum of Nicanor Piñole, a great reference of Asturian painting.

To finish with the cultural activities, you definitely cannot miss the village of Asturias, located next to the stadium El Molinón, where you can see what an authentic Asturian village looks like, with its granaries, bowling alley and a couple of very interesting museums: the Asturian village itself, with hundreds of everyday objects, and the ethnographic museum, with the largest exhibition of local photographs in Spain.

5. Coastal path of the Cervigón (at sunset)

Sunset is always the best time to take a good picture. In Gijón there are several places to see a good sunset, for example, from el Elogio del Horizonte. Others prefer the Coastal path of Cervigón, which starts at the end of San Lorenzo beach and reaches the council of Villaviciosa.

This path is very long, practically reaching Villaviciosa, the cider town, located more than 20 kilometers away. But don't panic, you don't have to go (and come back) from Villaviciosa to enjoy this route.

The best thing to do is to take a walk admiring the sea, the sculptures (such as the Mother of the Immigrant), and the park. Undoubtedly, one of the best walks in Gijón.

6. Take your pet everywhere

There is one thing that everyone with pets loves about Gijón. Many restaurants, cafes and hotels are dog-friendly, so you can visit the whole city accompanied by your pet without worrying too much about which places you can and cannot enter.

You can start by identifying these places on the official tourism website of Gijón, although there are many more places than what is shown on the website. The best thing to do, is to always look at the door to see if they have a dog-fiendly sign, or simply ask. If they do not accept pets, they will surely tell you where you can go with your furry friend.

7. Trabanco Cider House, Mecca of the Cider

Cider is the most typical drink of Asturias, so you cannot miss going to an authentic Asturian cider mill, the place where this much-appreciated drink is created.

One of the most traditional places, famous for both the good food and the amazing guided tour they offer, is Sidrería Trabanco, located a few minutes by car from the center.

In the guided tour they show you the whole process of cider production, from picking the apple from the tree to its pressing, with fermentation in drums and subsequent pouring. The nice thing about the visit is that, if you stay for lunch, there is the option to pick some food from their orchard and then eat it freshly cooked. This is authentic slow food.

We hope you get to experience Gijón with these plans! Remember that on the Biosphere website you can find more sustainable consumption options in the city: accommodation, stores, restaurants and much more so your trip has a positive impact.

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