Looking for accommodation in Gran Canaria for a romantic trip?

Looking for accommodation in Gran Canaria for a romantic trip?

Check out these two hotels that breathe romanticism and sustainability.

Gran Canaria is the perfect destination for those looking for a couple's getaway. With its year-round warm weather, golden sandy beaches and mountains, the island offers endless possibilities.

Don't forget to drive up to the Mirador del Pico de Las Nieves; from there, you can watch one of the most romantic sunsets in the country: overlooking the island of Tenerife, the sun sets behind El Teide and the sky is tinged with orange, pink and violet. Can anything be more romantic?

For a perfect stay, we have selected two hotels that promise to add a touch of luxury and romance to your trip. These hotels not only stand out for their first-class facilities and privileged locations, but also for their commitment to sustainability, guaranteed with the Biosphere certification.

Let's get started!

Marina Bayview

Located on a hillside overlooking the marina in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, this adults-only hotel is actually a great viewpoint. If you like landscapes tinged with the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean, you will enjoy your stay, because here even the gym overlooks the sea! You can contemplate them from the terrace of the private apartment, from the heated outdoor pool and from the jacuzzi.

Imagine watching the sunset lying on the Balinese beds, enjoying the sauna with a panoramic view of the ocean and ending with a dinner that combines local and proximity products, with local and international cuisine. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, the day can get even better.

Among the experiences offered by the hotel, there is the possibility of surprising your partner with the package "Our moment"; an experience designed to sweeten your stay, with a very special personalization of the atmosphere of your room.

Undoubtedly, a highly recommended option for those getaways as a couple, especially if you are looking for an accommodation that is respectful with the environment and the local community. In this sense, these romantic details of Marina Bayview are carried out according to the following sustainability measures, among others:

  • Respect and efficient use of water resources: the hotel implements measures to avoid polluting water with its activity, with facilities that favor more efficient water consumption, and water circularity processes for the responsible use of this valuable resource, especially on the islands.
  • Care and conservation of local flora and fauna: with initiatives to prevent the degradation of local terrestrial ecosystems and to help maintain native flora and fauna, for example by participating in the Gran Canaria Island Council's Marine Debris-Free Oceans project.

Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa

It was love that led the Basque businessman Estanislao Mañaricú to found this hotel in the picturesque municipality of Mogán, Gran Canaria. After spending a honeymoon there with his wife, Valentina Aristondo, he was so taken with the island that he decided to build the Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel in 1999, reactivating the tourism sector in the area.

This hotel group grew and, in 2008, the Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa was born, specialized in the wellness of body and mind. And we all know that there is nothing better for romanticism than being well cared for. They have a true temple for personal pampering, with facilities for all tastes and beauty treatments. Likewise, in their restaurant overlooking the sea, they offer a buffet with a wide variety of natural and home-made plants, following local gastronomic recipes.

Through the "We care" philosophy, they seek to convey the importance of sustainable practices, which go far beyond environmental care and conversation. Here are some of the initiatives that have been recognized with the Biosphere certification:

  • Commitment to more eco-friendly energies: among other renewable sources used by the entire group, this hotel has a complete photovoltaic installation, which extends along the roof of its main building, and which serves to supply a large part of the energy of its facilities.
  • Transparent and collaborative governance: awarded on numerous occasions for their sustainable commitments, they promote participatory systems with transparent communication, involving their work groups in the achievement of the company's sustainability objectives.

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