Can sport contribute to a more sustainable tourism?

Can sport contribute to a more sustainable tourism?

Traveling to run a marathon, to go hiking, skiing, cycling, soccer, surfing, tennis... more people do it than you think!
To give an example, in 2022, 2.4 million people visited Spain with the aim of practicing sports tourism. A variant within the classification of tourism that not only represents a positive impact for the economy, but also promotes sustainability.
It should be noted that the sports offer is not only for those who travel expressly for the purpose of participating in a competition, it is also aimed at people who engage in what is known as "active tourism", which is where the visitor is not a practitioner of the sporting activity, but wishes to live the experience during the trip. This modality is very common in sports such as: climbing, surfing, kayaking, or hiking.

What does sustainability have to do with sports?
Both sports and active tourism are closely linked to sustainability since they are outdoor activities that allow the destination to be known from a social and cultural point of view, with a sense of ecological responsibility, and provide benefits to the local economy.
Through the promotion of values such as tolerance and respect, sports become a facilitating channel for sustainable development. And we see this reflected in several of the UN SDGs, where sport is present not only from the point of view of the importance it represents in terms of physical and emotional health, it also stands out in how it contributes to other goals, for example, in the reduction of inequalities through inclusion that encompasses the social and economic area.

The duo of sport and sustainable tourism
Lanzarote is a place that offers various options for sports and active tourism, since it has a favorable climate for practicing various sports throughout the year, and has a wide range of competitions for athletes who plan to participate in these events, as well as leisure sports activities for groups of families and friends.
Sports tourism in Lanzarote
Whether in a big city or a small town, any sporting event attracts sportsmen and women who automatically become tourists.

In the case of Lanzarote there are many sporting events and competitions of international projection, as well as adapted to all levels. The island has a full sports calendar that, under the umbrella of the tourist-sports brand Lanzarote European Sports Destination, hosts competitions of all kinds of disciplines in an unbeatable climate.
Bike, golf, swimming, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, triathlon or running are just some of the main disciplines that can be practiced in Lanzarote. The good temperatures throughout the year, the light and the lunar landscapes that accompany, make outdoor sports become a truly pleasurable and unique experience.

Active tourism
This type of tourism is kept alive throughout the year on the island of Lanzarote, as more and more groups of families or friends travel with the aim of getting to know their destination through some sporting activity.

And in this sense the offer of the island for adventurers who want to explore and begin to relate to sports such as diving, hiking, kayaking, sailing .... is infinite.
Whatever way you choose, Lanzarote is waiting for you to break your personal records as an elite athlete or to surf your first waves in the sea.

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