Cookies policy

  • What is a cookie and what do we use these technologies for?

    Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (PC, cell phone or tablet) that allow us to recognize your web browser. Cookies contain information primarily about your web browser and any activity that has occurred in it.

    We may also use similar technologies that recognize cookies and identifies and allow third parties to set cookies on your device. Web beacons may be used to determine which advertisements should be displayed in your web browser.

    In this policy we use the term "cookie" to refer collectively to cookies, web beacons, pixel, tags and other similar technologies.

    What types of cookies do we use?

    1. Strictly necessary cookies: are those cookies necessary to provide the requested service, as well as to remember configuration preferences.
    2. Analytical and preference cookies: are those cookies through which we obtain statistics and analysis on the use made by users of our services. This allows us to have an overview of how many unique users we have and how they use our services. You can disable these cookies through the mechanisms we show you below, but please note that, for example, we will not be able to remember your preferences and browsing patterns, you may have to log in every time you visit us, etc.
    3. Advertising Cookies: these are cookies that allow us to show you advertising. You can learn more about this type of advertising here:

    Use of cookies by Biosphere Sustainable

    Cookies are small text files that are created on your computer by the web pages you visit.

    Its use is common and frequent on the web since it allows the page to work, or work more efficiently. An example of the use of a cookie is a shopping cart, which allows you to add products to it and finish the order at the time you want.

    The site uses cookies for the purposes listed below:

    • Cookies owned by, completely anonymous, used to improve the use of the website.
    • Google Analytics cookies used to measure user behavior on the website.
    • Google Ads cookies used to measure user behavior in relation to double-click advertising.
    • Facebook Ads cookies used to measure user behavior in relation to double-click advertising.

    For more information about the treatment that Google makes of your data, you can go to the following link:

    Virtually all web browsers allow you to set the cookies that are accepted through the configuration options. To learn more about cookies, including how to view the cookies that have been created on your computer, how to manage and delete them, visit

    If you want to stop being tracked by Google Analytics visit

    We use advertising cookies for different purposes:

    Cookies used for marketing purposes: they allow us to monitor activities on our pages to understand how they are used and allow us to optimize our traffic acquisition campaigns from external networks. We also use services to monitor a user's activity on our website and to be able to offer advertising in relation to their searches on other websites, as well as services for downloading applications and for brand promotion. Finally, we use push notification services to let you know about new features in our services in our applications.

    In addition, we work with third parties to show you personalized advertising based on your browsing outside our pages. Similarly, if you want to disable personalized advertising to receive only generic advertising you can do so through the following links to third parties:

    How can I manage and delete cookies?

    The following link includes didactic videos in the form of video tutorials that explain, step by step, how to configure the privacy options of the most common browsers, social networks and mobile operating systems:

    In any case, we inform you that you can delete, block or disable cookies at any time by modifying the settings of your browser, which will allow you to refuse the installation of all cookies or some of them. If you delete all cookies from this website, through your browser, you will also delete the configuration options you have chosen about our cookies (acceptance, rejection or revocation of their use). Below you can find information on how to manage the use of cookies depending on the browser used: