Sustainable Beauty: Discover Natural Products!

Sustainable Beauty: Discover Natural Products!

Makeup that moisturizes, unifies the skin, protects against UVA rays or has a filter effect; lipsticks that create extra volume on the lips; printed cosmetics -yes, printed-; and products on-the-go to optimize space and multiply their effect.

The cosmetic industry has a promising future thanks to innovation and technology, but its base will probably always be natural.

The world of oils

If you are interested in researching how to replace creams with many ingredients with something simpler and more natural, vegetable oils are a great option.

Why vegetable? Because the oils we commonly find in creams are minerals (derived from petroleum), which create a layer on the skin that apparently softens, but does not allow the active ingredients that will really moisturize the skin to penetrate it. This is why we often have to apply several layers of products that have this type of ingredients, such as petrolatum. Some of the most famous are:

  • Jojoba oil: an all-rounder. It is recommended for oily skin, as it balances and regulates the skin's natural sebum, but it can be used for any type of skin, including combination or dry skin.
  • Rosehip oil: one of the most famous oils, and rightly so. It regenerates, prevents wrinkles and softens scars. Suitable for oily skin.
  • Grapeseed oil: soft and very moisturizing. It has many vitamins and protects against free radicals. Perfect to apply in summer after a day of intense sun.

Natural ingredients

If you don't have vegetable oils at hand and need a quick solution, we have something that can also work for you and for sure you have it in your kitchen:

  • Moisturizing: honey is one of those ingredients you can't miss in a kitchen, and it's tremendously useful as a natural cosmetic. Try mixing it with sugar to get a powerful exfoliant for your lips, apply it alone to moisturize them or melt it and mix it with oatmeal and a little lemon for a unique homemade face mask.
  • Exfoliation: basic, easy and simple, as well as a great way to give your skin a special glow. Mix olive oil with salt or sugar. Then let us know if you have noticed your skin softer with any other product.
  • Protection: irons, hairdryers and combs, hair is subjected to aggressive treatments day in and day out. Try using avocado mixed with olive oil as a hair mask. Smoothness and shine are guaranteed and it's cheap too.

Nutrition: your best ally

Not even the best cosmetics can compare to the effect that eating properly has on your body. Choosing foods that are nutritionally dense, healthy and organic ensures we have the best nutrients to feel good and look our best. Sustainability starts with our daily choices, and being aware that taking care of ourselves on the inside is the most important thing to be reflected on the outside, is the first step to feel good ion every way.

In Biosphere we apply this philosophy in our daily work: we make sure that the corporate core is aligned with the objectives to be achieved, so that sustainability and business go hand in hand. As you can see, going from the inside out is a strategy that works in any environment!

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