5 documentaries you have to watch

5 documentaries you have to watch

Fantastic Fungi

Are you aware of the interesting world we have at our feet?

Nothing better than understanding that the soil is a magical and unique space, in which fungi play an essential role. Mushrooms that clean oil spills or subway fungal networks that help trees communicate are just some of the examples shown in this curious documentary.

You can watch it on Netflix, and we highly recommended it to learn to better appreciate the life beneath our feet.

The Cove

Do you remember Flipper? Once upon a time, it would have made us smile to remember this series from the 1960s about the adventures of a funny dolphin.

In this documentary, Flipper's trainer, Ric O'Barry, explains why he wanted to protect these animals from the entertainment industry, and how he discovered the annual dolphin hunt event, which suspiciously no one seemed to know about.

Undoubtedly, a raw but necessary documentary to get to know the dark side of an industry that hides the suffering of thousands of animals under the famous excuse of entertainment. You can find it on Prime Video.  


Sometimes, telling a story that serves as an example is the best way to show the solution to problems. At least that's what they try to do in the documentary "Tomorrow".

Following the publication of a study that announced the possible disappearance of part of the humanity by 2100, Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent embarked on an investigation of their own to understand what would cause such a catastrophe and how to avoid it. On their journey through 10 countries, they met people who were reinventing agriculture, the economy or even the energy, among other necessary aspects of our society. Through creative and positive initiatives, they managed to transform the environment in which they lived and improved aspects such as local democracy or education.

A Plastic Ocean

Maybe watching a documentary about waste does not sound like the funniest plan in the world, but it’s definitely a must.  

We already know we have a huge problem with the waste we generate, specifically with plastics.

In 2011, journalist, filmmaker and adventurer Craig Leeson set out to shoot a documentary about the blue whale, a species he was obsessed with. After a long wait, he got the desired images when, oh, surprise! The protagonist of the documentary ended up being hundreds of plastic waste floating in the water, of varying sizes. Caps, bag remnants, large objects, clothing...

Can you imagine swimming in your favorite beach and finding all these objects? Well, we are not that far from reality, and that’s why we highly recommend watching this documentary, we promise it’s worth it.

David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

The last documentary could not be but a classic that had to be on this list. David Attenborough is one of the best-known naturalist communicators on tv, a pioneer in the creation of nature documentaries, as well as an acclaimed British scientist. Since he started working, he has included content in his programs about the impact of human beings on the environment around them. If you are looking for a documentary that, while showing the harsh reality that surrounds us, also gives you a little bit of hope, this is undoubtedly the right choice.

"A Life on Our Planet.", is a 2020 documentar which reflects on the highlights of David’s life and also the devastating changes he has witnessed. Addressing the major challenges we face as a planet and society, he sends us a powerful message that reveals his vision for trying to save the Earth.

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