Insect hotels: learn more about this initiative

Insect hotels: learn more about this initiative

We know pollination is one of the most important processes in nature. But what is exactly so fascinating about it? The action of pollination is key to the continuation of plant life, because thanks to it, the food chain of plenty ecosystems survives. This means – and this concerns us as a species – that thanks to pollination we have the possibility of producing food.

A team effort

This vital process that includes very important agents such as bees, butterflies, bats and the wind is currently in danger due to the loss of ecosystems, the excessive use of pesticides and a decrease in the population of pollinating insects. You may have read about the importance of taking care of bees lately, because they are disappearing. Well, that has a lot to do with this topic.

All of these has lead Utrecht (The Netherlands) to implement an innovative project that is related to ensuring the survival of insects. Aware of the implications that will come with the disappearance of these little living creatures, they have turned more than 300 bus stops into bee gardens.

And what is that? You may ask

They are basically mini-gardens that have been installed on the roofs of bus stops to provide pollen to bees and thus encourage pollination.

In Amsterdam they are also promoting a similar option and installing small wooden houses made of pallets where bees and butterflies can take refuge and have a safe place to nest.  This type of actions has also been observed in Canada, where a conservation group has built more than 400 bee habitats in the city of Alberta.

Life-giving structures

Why is it important to encourage these initiatives?

  • They protect species that are endangered due to climate change, pesticides and inclement weather.
  • They facilitate plant pollination and we have already seen that this is essential for food production.
  • They help to keep pests under control in green spaces.

Where can we place this type of mini-structures? We must think of spaces that allow shelter for insects, not just any location is suitable. A sunny and protected place will always be better than a cold and humid one. In this way, we will ensure that the space is always dry and suitable for wasps, bees, butterflies and ladybugs to use.

And finally, is it really important that we get involved in the protection of these small living creatures? Absolutely yes. Their role is fundamental for the care of ecosystems and the continuation of life. In addition to being pollinators, they control pests and are an indispensable source of food for other species. The number of insects is already decreasing, but if they disappear the consequences on our environment may be irreparable.

So, the next time you see a bee, stop for a moment and think about its importance to the planet. Respecting all forms of life and protecting them is part of the change of consciousness that each one of us must integrate. Therefore, the use of insect gardens is a great idea that we hope to see more often from now on.

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