Renewable energies in the tourism sector

Renewable energies in the tourism sector

You may have wondered how you could make your travels more sustainable.

The means of transport you use, the utensils you carry, the places you visit... any small act counts and can make a difference.

But what about energy use? Normally, when we travel, we charge our electronic devices, use air conditioning or heating... how do we then contribute to a more responsible tourism?

Fortunately, there are several companies in the tourism sector that are increasingly implementing alternative energies in their day-to-day activities to preserve the environment, and to which you can turn to enjoy your vacation while making a positive contribution to our planet.

So, today we want to tell you how renewable energies can be used to promote a more sustainable tourism.

What are renewable energies?

Renewable energies are those that are derived from natural sources and are constantly renewed, for example: sunlight and wind. Currently, renewable energies are less expensive and produce fewer emissions than fossil fuel energies.

The most common and widely used renewable energies are: hydro, hydro-wind, wind, solar and renewable waste.

Renewable energies and tourism

The use of renewable energies and the tourism sector are woven into an increasingly strong relationship. Growing awareness of the importance of sustainability has led many destinations to implement cleaner energy sources to reduce their environmental footprint.

This also offers an added attraction to responsible travelers, who opt for places, accommodations, transportation, and leisure activities that seek to respect and conserve the natural environment.

Renewable energies and the tourism sector in Lanzarote

Located in the Atlantic, with continuous trade winds and favored by sunlight and sea swell throughout the year, Lanzarote is an oasis of renewable energies.

The island stands out for taking advantage of its location by committing to sustainability, especially in the tourism sector, where hotels, accommodations and tourism ventures incorporate environmental responsibility into their activities.

There are numerous spaces that are already designed with an eco-conscious structure, as well as traditional accommodations that are modifying their designs and renovating their facilities to adapt them to the cutting edge of clean technologies.

We share 3 cases of tourism companies in Lanzarote that use renewable energies:

-H10 Suites Lanzarote Gardens

An ideal accommodation for families with children, as it has rooms adapted for the little ones, as well as children's leisure activities.

It stands out in the use of renewable energies by ensuring and promoting universal access to clean energy services, adopting energy efficiency measures in its facilities, prioritizing the use of green energy sources and carrying out awareness campaigns on energy use.

-Dreams Lanzarote Playa Dorada Resort & Spa

A resort that invites you to enjoy an experience of luxury and comfort. It offers different packages designed for couples and families, with a variety of offers in accommodations and leisure activities.

The company is taking measures to minimize the waste generated by its activity, working on water sanitation, and on the remodeling and construction of a state-of-the-art infrastructure that will allow it to promote the use of renewable resources in its space.

-Nautilus Lanzarote

Tourist complex of apartments, located only 5 minutes from the sea and 10 minutes by car from the airport.

50% of the energy consumed in the facilities of Nautilus Lanzarote is clean, which contributes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the site is a pioneer in the Canary Islands in the installation of solar energy storage batteries.

The island's tourism sector has opted for renewable energies, and has transformed itself to improve its environment, attract a population that increasingly identifies with the concept of sustainable tourism, and thus save costs.

The ecological commitment has been key in the recovery of tourism after the pandemic, and companies and travelers are increasingly comfortable working on sustainability and continuous improvement. In addition, investment in renewable energy is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the economy of the companies themselves.


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