Adventure plans for your (sustainable) spring getaway

Adventure plans for your (sustainable) spring getaway

The fields are full of flowers and the days are warmer, it can only mean that spring is here.

After the cold winter and its snows, comes the best time of the year to travel to nature, especially if you like to live adventurous experiences.

In this article we are going to show you some of the best experiences you can do in the country to enjoy a spring full of adventure, lots of action and a bit of risk (always controlled, of course).

In addition, you will always enjoy the colorful flowering, with the whites, pinks and yellows that cover the trees.

Let's go with the activities we recommend you to enjoy a spring like never before.

Mountain bike routes in Catalonia

The bicycle is the most sustainable transport that exists, so getting on a mountain bike to ride through the most beautiful landscapes of Catalonia is a great plan for spring.

GuiesBtt offers tours ranging from one day to several days, being able to choose the route according to our pedaling skills. The good thing about doing a mountain bike tour guided by a company is that they take care of everything, such as accommodation and food, as well as guiding us on the right path, avoiding making extra kilometers to get lost.

In addition to enjoying the scenery and the wind caressing our faces, in these trips we will stop at natural landmarks, waterfalls, geological formations or peculiar mountains, and places of interest such as temples and picturesque villages.

Undoubtedly a great way to get to know a land as rich as Catalonia, while enjoying the good weather of spring and its bright colors.

Rafting in the Pyrenees

Spring marks the end of the snows, and with it also the beginning of the thaw, a phenomenon that makes the mountain rivers have much more flow, which makes them much more spectacular by offering more abundant waterfalls and livelier rapids.

This can only mean that rafting these rivers in the spring is going to be much more fun and exciting. Imagine yourself in an inflatable boat with other brave people, paddle in hand, avoiding the big rocks, descending the rapids and laughing with this great adventure.

This is rafting, and in the rivers of the Pyrenees and pre-Pyrenees there are many options to enjoy this sport only suitable for the most daring.

We have options such as those offered by Rafting Sort Rubber-River, La Rafting Company and RocRoi Adventure Center, each with different routes, to choose the one that best suits our interest.

Historic hiking in Galicia

Spring invites us to walk in nature thanks to warmer weather, but without reaching the extremes of summer.

One of the most bearable adventure activities is hiking, in which we go into the mountains thanks to our steps.

There are many hiking routes to do and, if you are looking for something more, in Galicia there is a very interesting activity carried out by Atlantis Aventura, as they have several hiking routes where you can know the sacred places where the Celts, the ancient people of Galicia, lived.

An adventure where besides having fun with the sport, you know the culture of a place as charming as Galicia.

Several days trekking in Asturias

If when you start walking in the mountains there is no one to stop you, and you don't like one-day routes, we propose these multi-day hikes in the mountains of Asturias.

There are few places more beautiful to welcome spring than walking through the Picos de Europa or the natural park of Somiedo for two or three days.

Asturianways offers different routes through the most beautiful places in Asturias, classified by difficulty, and also by duration in days.

For those who like to get into the most attractive nature, this is an infallible plan.

Back to the traditional way of life

What greater adventure is there than daring to do something the traditional way?

That is the proposal of Beir'Aja that, among its catalog of experiences in the nature of Beira Interior, in Portugal, offers us to discover the traditional way of making products as familiar as honey, or even go out with a shepherd to take care of the sheep.

Undoubtedly some of the most original activities, in which to understand life in the countryside and how to live sustainably with what the countryside produces.

Flying in Gran Canaria

For strong emotions, flying in a paratrike over the island of Gran Canaria. We often wonder how places like the Maspalomas Dunes or some of the most spectacular ravines of the island look from the air, so the best thing to do is to get on a Sky-Rebels Paratrike and see for ourselves.

This flying device, a mixture of paragliding and paraengine, gives us a unique view of the nature of the island, as well as making us feel what it feels like to fly through the air like a graceful bird.

Why choose spring to fly? Because it is the time when Gran Canaria is at its most beautiful, with the multitudinous flowering of all the vegetation, and with a light that will make our photographs look spectacular.

Spring is the time to get out of the house and dive into nature. We hope these plans will inspire your adventures and, above all, allow you to travel with sustainability in mind so that future travelers can enjoy an experience as good as yours.

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